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Welcome to the Metabolsim Wiki !

What is Metabolsim ?

Metabolsim is supposed to be a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game which battleground is the human body. It takes some parts of the real life and the experience of famous games to make an educative and pleasant application.

Can I play now ?

Well, no ! The development of Metabolsim has begun in 2006 and as the number of developers is very limited (only 1 right now :)), it is very long. You don't imagine all the work a game needs : designing characters, scenes, textures, coding the application, making sure the user can't crash the game, .... What I hope right now is that a playable version will exist some day !

How can I edit articles of the wiki ?

You need a user account to edit articles. To request one, email me at, explaining what you'd like to write.

I just can't speak English, can we speak in an other language ?

Actually I'm French, so you can write me in French ! No other language is supported right now, sorry...

I'm a project-less developer, can I join this one ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, so if you are a C++ developer, a 3D or 2D designer, feel free to contact me.

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