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The Human Defensive Force represents the immune system of the body. The buildings and units are based on real life elements, though very modified to be more playable. When starting a new game, the player controlling the Defensive force is in complete control of the character's body. He has the vital organs at their best power level, and basic buildings to build units.

His purpose is to ensure the vital organs keep safe. If one vital organ is destroyed, the character dies and the game is lost. To make the game more attractive and give the player a real goal, not just waiting for attackers, he can build a super-organ which will make his units able to get out of the body, and then able to destroy the aggressive force once and for all. This super-organ will of course be very hard to build, so that the game doesn't end after some minutes. (Think about the Age Of Empire's world-wonders ...)

This side's gameplay looks like any good RTS. The user has to accumulate Resources by building the character's digestive system. Then he can build buildings, units, towers, walls, ...


The body is entirely controlled by the Human Force at the beginning. The in and out are separated by skin cells all around. Sometimes, skins cells collapse because of some events in the character's life. When it happens, the Aggressive Force can send units into the body and make them attack. The skin cells are not rebuilt until platelets come and fill the hole.

With a specific technology, the Aggressive Force can directly attack the skin cells and enter the body without waiting for cells to collapse somewhere.

With a specific technology, the Human Force units can get out of the body and attack the Aggressive Force buildings.

The player controlling the Human Force can see the whole field inside the body, but nothing outside, except if some of his units are there.



This organ is, of course, a vital one. It can't be optimized but the user can control the beating pace. The faster the heart beats, the faster the blood flows in the veins, and the faster the units can move into the body, but the more it consumes energy !


This organ is a vital one too. It is the Human Force research center, where the player can develop technologies and boost his units :

  • Stronger antibodies ; increases units attack
  • Stronger bones : increases buildings defense
  • Better platelets : makes the platelets rebuild a skin cell faster

Digestive System

This is where the energy is absorbed. The Digestive System looks like a tower-defense game. When the character eats, the food comes into his stomach, then the small intestine, and the the colon. Once here, the built Villosities catch the food and transform it into resources. The player can build new Villosities at defined places, define what kind of food they will absorb, or upgrade them.



Builder Unit


Lymphocite T

This a a basic attack unit. He can move and hit enemies when at near range.

Model : the model is inspired from the french documentary Il ├ętait une fois la vie. It represents a cop with a globule-like shape, nearly like an egg.

Weapon : The Lymphocite T caries a club.

Lymphocite B

This is an other attack unit. He can move and hit enemies at distance.

Model : the model is the same as the Lymphocite T, except that he's got a militarily clothe, in order to differentiate them easily.

Weapon : The Lymphocite B caries a flamethrower-like antibodies-thrower.


This is an other attack unit. He can move slowly, and hit the enemies hard.

Model : the model is inspired from the french documentary Il ├ętait une fois la vie. It represents some spherical creature with legs and a big mouth.

Weapon : The Macrophage caries no weapon. He attacks with his mouth and teeth.

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